Welcome to Damaris Media.

We work with film companies to create free, official community resources based on the latest cinema releases.

Damaris Media, which was formerly part of The Damaris Trust, is now a company owned by Vox Caritas Ltd. We are committed to continue developing our work with film companies and community groups. If you have any questions about this transition then please email us at hello@damaris.org.

Working with Film Companies

For film companies, we can deliver grassroots promotion to increase opening weekend box office sales. Our unique strategy engages community groups through original high-quality resources, which drive film interest and translate into box office numbers.

Engaging Community Groups

For community groups, our free resources provide not only fun activities, but also the chance to talk about the themes and issues raised by films. Community groups of all kinds can use Damaris resources to meet their own vision and aims, and be enriched by what we have to offer.

Meet Our Team

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Judy May

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Steve Alexander

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